CSA Curriculum

During its existence, KyPRA developed a model curriculum that organizations can use to qualify “Community Support Associates” for the delivery of “Comprehensive Community Supports,” a new Medicaid-covered service for people with mental illnesses that is based on psychiatric rehabilitation principles.

One qualification for a provider of the service, called a “Community Support Associate” or “CSA,” is completion of a curriculum on psych rehab and mental health within six months of employment. The content of the curriculum is prescribed by the KY Dept of Behavioral Health, which approves curricula submitted by organizations who wish to provide the service.

KyPRA sought and won approval of a model curriculum for use by KY organizations who will provide Comprehensive Community Supports and other psych rehab services. We had these goals for the curriculum:

  • Provide basic instruction in the knowledge and skills necessary to provide psych rehab services such as Engagement and Skills Training
  • Establish the evidence-based framework for psych rehab for further study and practice by trainees and their supervisors
  • Use best-practice adult education methods

The curriculum was developed under the guidance of a KyPRA committee by a consultant, Patricia Nemec, CPRP, PsyD. Pat is an internationally recognized trainer in psychiatric rehabilitation, and was the director of the academic specialization in psychiatric rehabilitation at Boston University (now closed; her academic home is now Rutgers University). She has played an important role in regional training projects in psychiatric rehabilitation and wellness coaching as well as academic curriculum development for undergraduate and graduate programs in health and rehabilitation sciences.

An overview of the curriculum’s content, including the “Big Idea” educational objective for each module, can be previewed here:

curriculum content outline with big ideas

A sample of the first of the twelve modules in the Trainer’s Manual can be previewed here:

KyPRA CSA TM Module 1 Phil & Pr Jan 2016


The copyright for the curriculum has been transferred to the Training Department of Centerstone of Kentucky, a non-profit behavioral health organization headquartered in Louisville. It is available from them. Contact Fran DuRivage at: